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Guide to Choosing the Right Piano For You

Each person is different and there are many different types of pianos to suit each type of person. Below is a list of many common situations along with what piano is best for that group.

1. Beginners who are Children. Children are obviously smaller and thus require a smaller piano. An upright piano with a height of 108-115 cm is recommended if children will be the only ones playing the piano. When looking at piano sales videos to shop test heights within this range and test the comfort of the child on each size. Also keep in mind how long the child will be playing for and leave room as they will grow.

2. Adult Beginners and Children. A piano of 121 cm or higher is the best for a piano that will be used both both adult and children beginners. This would typically be a situation where the parents are playing with a child or a music instructor needs to give instruction for both children and adults.

3. Teenagers or Adults who can play well. Pianos above 121 cm, but up to 150 cm would be best for this type of pianist. The ideal height for an average adult would be about 131 cm. However, personal preference is the best indicator.

4. Adults who play for enjoyment or simply want a piano in the house. At this point almost any piano will do, but the baby grand would probably be the best choice. The height of a typical baby grand is about 140 cm and is great for viewing. Baby grands can also be hooked up to a home audio system or have automated playing attached for when you have company.

5. Schools and Teaching Studios. Things that schools and teaching studios need to keep in mind are a strong cabinet, rubber castors which allow for easy movement, locks on the fallboard and top door, and durability of product. These pianos need to be rugged and able to withstand constant playing. Ask your piano dealer for suggestions and to see if you can get a discount if you buy in bulk or because you're an institution that may be able to give the piano dealer a tax break.

6. Music Teachers, Diploma Level Students, or Musicians. A six foot or longer grand piano would fit into this category. It may not be the most practical piano in smaller environments, but if there is enough allotted space this will make a wonderful piano for the enthusiast. However, if there is not enough space a 131 cm or higher upright piano could do the trick. Upright pianos are able to reach similar tone quality in comparison to a small grand piano.

7. Stage Performance. A concert grand piano fits into this category. Typically these reach a length of 9 ft.

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